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HCMA’s offers individuals the choice on how to achieve life management and deal with unemployment, and work life balance. The charity receives funding and a lot of support from Volunteers who are mentors, coaches or trainers, and who give of their time for no charge. The Partner company below is a social enterprise and there aim is to donate profits back into the charity to continue with the community support we offer people who are economically inactive or who cannot afford the standard services of coaching and mentoring. 

HCMA Training Academy is a social enterprise with center status from ILM and City & Guilds. We specialise in developing people. We offer solutions to individuals and organisations. The training we cover includes business, NLP, management, coaching, mentoring and HR. We specialise in working within the Social Enterprise Sector “Big Society”. HCMA Promotes positive employment attitudes to the Civic Society, through supported employment/self-employment training. Visit www.hcma-academy.com  for more information.

Every person has talents to offer an organisation and particular methods may need to be employed which bring those talents to the foreground. We believe that coaching skills enables this process to take shape for individuals and business”

We partner with HCMA Training Academy

HCMA receives support from: 

“To be part of HCMA was both humbling and uplifting and I feel privileged that I was a part of a charity that really makes a difference to people’s lives.”Vodafone volunteer

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