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HCMA | Harmony Coaching & Mentoring Avenues

Harmony Coaching Mentoring Avenues (HCMA) is a social enterprise with charitable status.

The objects for which HCMA is established are:

  • To safe guard, protect and preserve the good health, both mental and physical of any person who has difficulty with life management/personal development. And to prevent stressful situations affecting family life.
  • To relieve sickness, poverty and need amongst children or any family member, and to support parents/individuals in need of guidance/coaching/mentoring with relation to parenting/life management issues
  • To support the local community with difficulties related to life management. and to assist the local community with employment issues and employment coaching. By supporting local people to find employment
  • To promote and develop volunteering/mentoring in the community and to promote Healthy Living within the community
  • To promote Coaching/Counseling/Mentoring and personal development training as a focus to assist any person who need additional support with Life Matters. To support community groups and organizations with capacity building, funding, training, and social accounting

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