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We support individuals and organisations in achieving the desired results that bring about lasting change through coaching. HCMA currently works with unemployed people or people who are in short term employment contracts, BAME (Black and Asian Minority Ethnic) groups , women who are looking to start a social enterprise and people who suffer with dyslexia or a learning difficulty.

Stories from our clients…

I have suffered from an addiction problem for most of my life and although I have now recovered, which was done by receiving support from various agencies that worked with people with addictions, I still could not manage my life as I felt isolated and lonely. I have received life coaching from HCMA for two years now and it has enabled me to find a new sense of purpose. Today I have good relationships with my family and have new friends too. I’ve taken a course on at the local college in IT and I volunteer with people who struggle with addiction problems. My next goal is to train to become a volunteer life coach with HCMA offering support to others who are struggling with life management. Thanks to HCMA my life has changed for the better.

John Smith

Peter and Eileen at The Mental Health Conference May 2009

The Personal and Professional training that I have done with Eileen Hutchinson has completely transformed me. A lifetime of problems linked to mental health issues is rapidly becoming a distant memory as thanks to Eileen I now have the confidence and the tools to challenge and deal with such problems, enjoying good health and a happiness I have not known since I was a child. I now value myself and am highly valued, loved and respected by others. I see the world with fresh eyes and every day is a new beginning for me which I embrace with joy as each day I continue to expand and build upon my personal success. The wonderful things that have happened for me since meeting Eileen are too many to list, but include obtaining numerous qualifications, and a job that I love. Eileen’s great wealth of experience, knowledge, wisdom, integrity and passion for helping people achieve their potential makes her I believe, one of the finest professionals in the field. “Thank You Eileen for helping me gain a life that I could once have only dreamed of”.

Peter Wesson

I contacted HCMA with a view to turning my life around. My thinking was always from a negative aspect and this was manifesting in constant negative results in my life. It was a life that was very disjointed and unfulfilling. My jobs had always been temporary positions; I had spent considerable time caring for my parents who suffer with Mental Health problems, had travelled round a lot and had been through many broken relationships. When I first met with Eileen, I was living in a bedsit that my Grandparents were paying for; I had no National Insurance number and was not registered with either the Unemployment Office or even a Dentist or GP. I was very unhappy and wanted to live a secure, happy and fulfilling life. Through my Coaching with HCMA and their support, I have realised I was socially excluded. I have now implemented positive change in my life and am now integrating back into society. I am now registered with Job Centre Plus, a GP and dentist, have my National Insurance number, I am on a waiting list for permanent housing and am working in a fulfilling voluntary position. My self awareness has increased and I am feeling so much more optimistic about my life although I still need help and support.


My name is John. I attend an Outreach Adult Day Care Service for people who have Mental Health and depression issues. I have not worked for the past 15 years due to my depression and being on a high dose of medication. When it was suggested that I engage in Life Coaching, I dismissed it as yet another project for people to tick boxes. How wrong I’ve been, which I am proud to be able to say! My life has changed beyond measure and this is due to the Coaching and Training I have received from HCMA. I am now training to be a volunteer at the day centre which is a big step for me as I am no longer a client, but there to help and support others. Thank you!


When I first met Eileen from HCMA, I was hoping to find a job. While I was with Eileen, I did a lot of crying, was sad, depressed, empty, lonely and did not have a very good support network. Mind you, I was too stubborn to ask for help. My real problem of being an alcoholic became apparent through my sessions with Eileen and I decided to seek the help I so desperately needed and went into a recovery programme. 8 months on, I am still sober, am volunteering and have a part time job. This would never have happened had I not engaged with HCMA, who tentatively enabled me to turn my life around!


At the beginning of 2007, I was unemployed, broken and had a long standing yearning to change my own life and the lives of others. My first contact with Eileen was like a light coming on in my life. Through her commitment, passion and love my life has, and continues to, develop and grow in a positive way. I am now in employment and am also working as a volunteer with HCMA and it is an inspiration to be part of such a wonderful organisation and to see others make positive changes in their lives. Not a day goes by, when I don’t discover something new about myself, my life and I now grow as a person. I would like to thank Eileen from the bottom of my heart for seeing in me the potential that I needed, and continue to, discover.


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