Course Structure

Coaching & Mentoring Questions

You bring your own challenges to the programme and use Coaching & Mentoring Questions, effectively creating your own live case study. This provides the platform for your learning and you complete the CPD workbook which is submitted for assessment and the award of university credits. Coaching and mentoring questions may be focused on the coaching and mentoring relationship or on organisational aspects of coaching and mentoring strategies. Examples of coaching and mentoring questions are shown below.

Face-to-Face Workshops

There are four face-to-face workshops, the first of which is held within a month of registration. The remaining three are held at approximately two month intervals. These are facilitated by Eileen Hutchinson, and provide an opportunity to discuss your selected Coaching and Mentoring Question. These workshops also encourage participants to learn together with and from others in an action learning set environment, and to be introduced to the programme materials and tools.

Practice Groups

Through practice group meetings participants support each other with their Coaching & Mentoring Questions. Meetings are highly participative and are facilitated by qualified practitioners and authorities in the field of coaching and mentoring, who are able to provide specific inputs on models, techniques and research.

Insight Coaching & Mentoring Resources

You have access to the Insight Coaching & Mentoring Resources via the web, which provide you with lessons on coaching and mentoring, including research tools and material to inform your own practice and development. This is designed around the Insight Model of Coaching and Mentoring developed by Eileen Hutchinson based on published research and over 40 years of combined experience working in the field of coaching and mentoring.

Professional Development Adviser

An experienced Professional Development Adviser supports you throughout the programme via teleconferencing and e-mail. Your Professional Development Adviser provides guidance on the development of your Coaching & Mentoring questions and on the assessment of your written assignments.


You are required to write up a summary of your research, actions and learning related to your Coaching and Mentoring Question. This is achieved by completing the CPD workbook through which you build up a record of your development as a coach or mentor over the programme. Assessment is against the criteria for postgraduate study and you are given coaching and assessment feedback relating to your ability to describe your coaching and mentoring question, engage key stakeholders, conduct work based research and reflect on your personal development as a coach or mentor.

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