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HCMA has developed a highly effective Peer to Peer coaching programme which has been delivered to Mind Network, Guideposts Trust, Viewpoint and Dens in Hertfordshire.

It was accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management, which was the first programme to be accredited by them for people within the mental health sector. People opted for either the Endorsed or Development Award, depending on their level of experience. Subjects covered include: Goal Setting; Motivation; Managing a Mentoring Relationship and Well-formed Outcomes.

The courses ran for 14 weeks to a mixture of staff, volunteers and clients from the above agencies with the view for people to become volunteers and to support others after training. This progression really helps individuals understand how far they have come and what they are able to achieve. It is the next step to making a huge change in how they see themselves – they have become individuals that can support and develop others and make positive changes in someone else life.

We also ran group supervision and the outcomes from the training have literally changed people’s lives. We spent time with individuals getting to know them and the problems they faced, only then did we talk to them about how we could help them make real changes to their lives. It was a very personal experience and we know that no two people are the same so the supervision was tailored towards each individual so they could get the most from the programme. See our Changing Lives page.

“The Mentoring & Coaching came at just the right time for our organisation – the courses, have helped staff, volunteers and clients to support each other at a more constructive level than previously, and has helped some individuals’ confidence enormously. I particularly think that the goal setting and some of the techniques, such as looking at the different areas of your own life, fits in to our holistic approach”

January 14, 2010 Lorna Cunningham Manager Guideposts Watford Herts
Lorna hired HCMA to deliver their specialist coaching & mentoring programme,
developed by Eileen Hutchinson.

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