The Vodafone World of Difference programme!

The World of Difference UK programme gives 500 people the chance to work for a UK-based charity of their choice for two months, and get paid for their time. Vodafone received over 11,000 applications and our volunteer, Elaine Connolly is one of 500 to be selected. This is a fantastic opportunity for Elaine and HCMA and is recognition of the inspirational work that the charity does.

Elaine wanted this opportunity to work with HCMA as she feels very strongly that everyone has the right to live a happy and fulfilling life and sometimes this is hampered by experiences that they have been through. People have problems that not only affect themselves but also their families, they need practical support and guidance and HCMA provide this. The Vodafone support enables Elaine to help HCMA move forward with this.

Vodafone understand that charities need support to help them develop and grow and that is why they offer support for these types of placements. The difference that this makes to charities to is immeasurable and some of the previous winner’s stories are on the Vodafone website www.worldofdifference.vodafone.co.uk .

When Elaine applied to Vodafone she knew that the Corporate Social Responsibly that Vodafone has was in alignment with the visions and values that HCMA promote – it seemed a match made in heaven!

I knew Elaine was talented from the first moment I met her and to have Vodafone endorse the work of our charity, well this is truly amazing”.

Eileen Hutchinson Founder

For more information on the Vodafone World of Difference programme visit www.vodafone.co.uk/worldofdifference

Follow Elaine’s blog at http://worldofdifference.vodafone.co.uk/blogs/elaine-connolly and see how she spends the next two months.